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C++ Question Bank

Chapter 1, principle of object oriented programming 
  1. explain the difference between cand c++
  2. explain the importance of encapsulation how encapsulation ensure data security

Chapter 2, c++ programming basics

  1. what are manipulators? Explain different manipulator in c++
  2. explain data types in c++
  3. explain different control structure in c++

Chapter 3, functions

  1. explain function overloading with a suitable example
  2. explain inline function with a suitable example
  3. explain the concept of default arguments. How default arguments behave in overloaded functions
  4. explain the use of static functions.explain the difference between static and constant
  5. explain constant data members and function

Chapter 4, . Object and Classes

  1. Explain difference between class and objects
  2. What is constructor. Explain parameterized constructor,default constructor
  3. explain Concept f constructor overloading
  4. what is difference between shallow copy and deep copy of an object
  5. explain how memory allocation is done for an object in c++
  6. explain use of static data member in c++

Chapter 5, Arrays and string

  1. concept of an array of object
  2. what is string ? explain any five methods for string manipulation
  3. what is array ?explain array handling mechanism of c++

Chapter 6, Operator overloading

  1. what is operator overloading? Explain advantage and disadvantage
  2. which operator cant be overloaded ?why?
  3. explain 1.primitive to object
  4. object to primitive
  5. object to object Conversion with eg.
  6. explain the use of explicit keyword
  7. what is use of mutable keyword

Chapter 7, Inheritance

  1. what is inheritance? Explain different inheritance in c++
  2. explain access specifier in c++
  3. what is multiple inheritance? How the ambiguities in implementing multiple inheritance can be solved?
  4. explain virtual inheritance
  5. explain this keyword

Chapter 8, Pointer

  1. What is pointer ? explain advantage and disadvantage
  2. difference between pointer to an array and array of pointer
  3. what is dynamic memory allocation? Explain new and delete operator
  4. explain pointer with respect to inheritance

Chapter 9, Virtual Function

  1. explain compile time polymorphism and runtime polymorphism with eg
  2. difference between function overloading and function overriding
  3. Explain virtual function in detail 
  4. explain copy constructor with suitable exampledifference between static and dynamic binding
  5. explain the application of friend function? Explain advantage and disadvantage

Chapter 10, Streams and Files

  1. explain stream classes in c++
  2. what is different file opening modes
  3. explain file pointer
  4. explain the process of writing and reading data from a binary file
  5. what is difference between opening a file with open function and opening a file with constructor.

Chapter 11, Templates and Exceptions

  1. what is generic programming. Explain advantageswith eg
  2. explain class templet and function templet in c++
  3. explain the exceptional handling mechanism in c++
  4. explain the process to creat and throw a user defined exception in c++

Chapter 12, The Standard Template Library
  1. write a note on stl
  2. explain component of stl
  3. explain containers in stl