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Computer Network Question Bank

1.    Write notes on digital communication.
2.    What is signal? What are types of signal/ Explain signal propagation and signal parameter?
3.    What are factor that affects Transmission?
4.    What is attenuation? What are its type/
5.    Explain , effects of limited bandwidth, delay distortion ad noise
6.    Explain Nyquist’s and Shannon’s theorem

7.    What is Network? What are types of network? Explain LAN, MAN, WAN with suitable example of each.
8.    What is topology? What are its type? Explain each of them in details with suitable diagrams.
9.    What are types of communications? Explain ach of them in details
10.    Write short notes on Asynchronous and synchronous communication
11.    Explain modes of communications simplex, half duplex, full duplex with suitable diagram

12.    Explain ISO OSI reference model with diagram, explain functionality of each layers.
13.    Explain TCP/IP internet model with diagram, explain functionality of each layers.
14.    Compare and contrast Comparison of ISO-OSI & TCP/IP Model.
15.    What are intermediate devices? Explain each of them in details.
16.    What is Hub? Passive & Active Hubs
17.    Write short notes on Repeaters
18.    What is Switches? Explain 2 layer and 3 layer switches?
19.    What is Bridges? Explain Transparent Bridges and Source Routing Bridges
20.    Explain with suitable diagram getaways.

21.    Write short notes on Internet, intranet and Extranet? Give differences among them
22.    Write short notes Internet Information Server(IIS)
23.    List services provided by application layer/ also give Principles of Application Layer Protocols
24.    What is protocol? Write short notes on HTTP, FTP.
25.    Write short notes on Electronic Mail? Explain IMAP, POP3,SMPTP protocol
26.    What is DNS? What are its services?
27.    What is port number? Write short notes on port addressing
28.    Explain Multiplexing and Demultiplexing with diagram
29.    State Principles of Reliable Data Transfer
30.    What is Congestion? How is congestion controlled over network?
31.    What is Quality of Service? What are its applications?
32.    Explain Queue Analysis in details

33.    What is IP address? What are various class of IP address
34.    Distinguish between IP v4 and IP v6
35.     What is subnetting? Why it is used?
36.    What is Routing? What is hierarchical routing? Explain Routing Principles
37.    What is addressing? Explain classfull and classless addressing.
38.    Explain intra and interdomain routing?
39.    Explain Unicast Routing Protocols IP, OSPF, BGP
40.    Explain Multicast Routing Protocols MOSPF, DVMRP
41.    What are Drawbacks of traditional routing methods
42.    Explain IP over ATM
43.    Write short notes on MPLS
44.    Write short notes Storage Area Network (SAN).

45.    Explain Error Detection and Correction Techniques in details
46.    Write short notes on Data Link Layer
47.    Explain ARP and RARP
48.    Write short notes on The Point-to-Point Protocol
49.    Explain Ethernet IEEE 802.3 standard.
50.    Explain Ethernet IEEE 802.4 standard
51.    Explain Ethernet IEEE 802.5 standard.
52.    Explain Ethernet IEEE 802.11 standard.

53.    Explain types of wired media in details
54.    Explain types of Wireless media in details
55.    Compare Wired and Wireless media.