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Network Security Question Bank

1. Discuss RSA with suitable example

2. Explain Deffie-Hellman crypto system with the help of an example

3. What do o mean KDC? Explain multiple domain KDC

4. Explain the working o Kerberos V4 with diagram

5. Discuss the different types of attacks in network security

6. Give and Overview of DES, what is a DES round?

7. Name different methods used for authentication/ Explain any one.

8. Discuss RSA with Suitable Example.

9. What is Message digest/ explain SHA-1 algorithm for generating the message digest.

10.What is Digital Signature? Explain how asymmetric key encryption can be used for generating a digital signature.

11. Discuss various pitfalls in security handshake or authentication

12. What is digital Certificate? Explain stepwise process of
certificate generation and verification.

13. Explain how token can be used to authenticate an entity.

14. Discuss SSl as an internet protocol for secure exchange of

15. Explain PGP protocol used for Email Security.

16. What is man in middle attack? Alice and Bo establish a secrete key
using Deffie Hellman key exchange using g=7, n=13, Alice takes x as 3 and Bob takes y as 9. Tom an intruder selects x as 8 and y as 6. show the working of the man in middle attack.

17. What is KDC? how it is different from CA? how does a KDC work with
multiple domain?

18. Discuss SET process used in eCommerce transaction

19. Compare and contrast Message digest algorithm MD4, MD5, SH

20. What is mutual authentication? A version of this protocol has a
security pitfalls known as the Reflection Attack. What is Reflection
attack? Suggest one method of fixing this.

21. What is Firewall? Explain Different types of Firewalls?

22. What are different modes of Algorithm?

23. What are desirable security properties?

24. Discuss SSL and SET process

25. how kerberos ticket lifetime in V5 different form V4? Distinguish
between renewable and postdated tickets.

26. What are different Key principles of Security? Different attacks.

27. What are Hash algorithm? Discuss MD5 in details?

28. What is certificate revocation? What are the broader level of differences between CRL, OCJP and SCVP?

29. Perform encryption and decryption using RSA for the following p=3,
q=11, e=7, m=5

30. Differentiate between
a. MD4 and MD5
b. Kerberos V4 and V5
d. Active attack and Passive attack
e. MD5 and SHA
f. DES and IDEA
g. ECB & CBC
h. SSL and SET

31. Write short notes on
b. SSL
c. Firewalls
d. IP security
e. Certificate Revocation
f. SET Process
g. Biometrics
i. Verman Cipher (one time pad)
j. Digital Signature.
k. Virus
l. Cross Certification
m. intrusion
n. Packet Sniffing