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Software Engineering Question Bank

1. Define SRS. Explain features of good SRS. Also list the users of SRS ans their purpose

2. Explain role of a software quality assurance group. Also explain formal technical review (FTR)

3. Define Software Reliability. Explain different reliability matrics.

4. Explain Reliability growth models in details.

5. Explain make buy decisions

6. What is software maintanance? Describe various categories of s/w maintenance? which category consumes maximum efforts and why?

7. Define software configuration items. Explain how they are used in SCM process

8. Define matrics,measure, indicator and also explain relationship among them

9. What are components of use case diagram, explain their usage with help of diagram

10. Discuss Various key process areas of CMM at various maturity levels

11. Explain the boundary value analysis testing technique with the help of example

12. What are the advantages of developing the protoype of ssystem

13. List & explain the tools & techniques for performing risk monitoring & control

14. What are size metrics? how is function point metric advantages over LOC metric explain?

15. Explain putman resource allocation model. what are limitation of this model

16. Explain Mc Call's software quality model.

17. Discuss various types of COCOMO model

18. Explain the advantages of developing the prototype of a system?

19. Define software design software design. Explain the features of a good software design.

20. Explain the relationship of cohesion and coupling with functional independence.

21. Explain boundary value analysis testing tevhniques with the help of an exmple

22. Explain degree of Rigor, Task set selector and Task Network

23. Discuss the infrastructure sector of COCOMO II

24. Explain configuration Audit version control source control system.

25. What is path testing? Explain cyclometic complexity with suitable.

26. List and explain different decomposition techniques with suitable example.

27. What is requirement engineering? List and explain different steps in requirement engineering

28. Define module coupling and module cohesion. Also explain different kinds of system testing

29. What is software engineering? Explain role of management in software development

30. What is SCM? why it is necessary? Explain role of management in software development

31. Describe equivalence class testing method. compare this with boundary value analysis techniques

32. Describe any two software size estimation techniques.

33. Enumerate Boehm's top ten software risk

34. Write a progrma in PDL to sort 10 numbers. Draw the flow graph. How many test cases should be derived to test the program completely? Write a complete set of test cases

35. Wrire short Notes on

1) RMMM plan
2) Software reliability
3) WBS
4) Make buy decision
5) Status reporting
6) Task Network
8.) Make-buy decision
9) Art of debugging
10) Software reengineering
11) for P's in software management
12) Software Reliability
13) System Testing
14) Reverse Engineering
15) IT project Success factor

36. Differentitate between

1) size oriented matric and function oriented matrics
2) Balck box testing and white box testing
3) ISO 9000 certification and SEI CMM model.
4) Hardware reliability and software reliabilitgy

36. **and all the problems which has been asked in exam**