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Software Project Management Question Bank

1. What is role of project manager in an IT project? What Skill set are needed for good Project Manager?

2. Explain Different Phases in project life cycle with suitable diagram 

3. What is project management framework? Explain with suitable diagram

4. What do you mean by System View of Project? Explain three sphere model for system management.

5. What are Different Organization Structure? Explain with suitable diagram.

6. Explain four frame of organizations. Also comment on importance of project communication management.

7. Stakeholder management

8. Discuss in details, procurement management.

9. Explain different schedule development tools with suitable examples

10. Explain the importance of performance reporting. Also give different ways of performance reporting

11. Explain schedule development tools: Gantt charts, CPM, PERT, Critical chain scheduling with suitable example.

12. What is project procurement management? Explain different processes involved in it.

13. How a network diagram helps in project scheduling and resource allocation?

14. What is critical path and how does it help you to expedite your project?

15. What do you mean by project Metrics? Give example of any one project metrics to measure cost and schedule.

16. What are different steps involved in project risk management, Explain.

17. What are components of project procurement management?

18. What are different approaches to do risk analysis and assessment? compare and contrast.

19. How do you distinguish between monitoring and controlling?

20. What are main process in project communication management?

21. Explain Different types of Contracts in details

22. What is outsourcing? List and explain different reasons for outsourcing.

23. Explain the concept of make-or-buy decisions process using decision tree. Also give advantages and disadvantages.

24. What is nature of Change? How change management does affects system?

25. What is leadership in project management? Explain different approaches to leadership.

26. List and explain five practices of exemplary leadership. Explain leadership style in detail.

27. Explain Importance of Ethics ion project

28. Explain Administrative Closure

29. What is project implementation? Explain different approaches for the project implementation.

30. Write Short notes on

a. Importance of Ethics in projects
b. Stackholders management
c. Administrative Closure.
d. Change Process.
e. Project Scheduling
f. Project Matrics
g. Stakeholders management
h. Performance Reporting
i. Role of project manager in an IT project.
j. Matrix organization
k. Project Estimation
l. Earned Value Analysis
m. Payback Period
n. Information Distribution