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Advanced web technology & Dot Net Question Bank

1. Explain types of elements in JSP

2. Explain in brief XML

3. Explain validation control in ASP.NET with example

4. Explain file handling in C# with an example

5. What is coding model in ASP.NET? Explain code inline model in brief.

6. Define FCL

7. What is servlet? Explain servlet life cycle in details.

8. What is CLR, explain working of CLR, explain features of CLR

9. what is DTD explain in details

10. What is XML schema? Explain in details

11. What is session tracking? Explain in details how it is achieved in servlet

12. Explain the architecture of .NET framework

13. Explain reference data type in C#

14. explain inheritance and polymorphism in C# with suitable example

15. Explain ASP.Net server control with suitable example

16. What is request dispatcher. Explain with suitable example

17. What is implicit objects in JSP, Explain different implicit objects supported
by JSP

18. Explain exception handling mechanism in C#

19. What is page event? Explain the page life cycle of an ASP.NET page with
an example

20. How will you create a class in C#. Explain the different component that
can be included and different properties that can be added to class

21. Explain the need of JSP technology even with the availability of servlet.
Explain how server processes JSP file

22. what is the purpose of HTTPServletRespons and HTTPServletRequest

23. what is coockie? Design a servlet to count the number of times the page
visited using coockie.

24. Write a program in JSP to display Protocol, URL, and remote address

25. What is ADO.NET? Explain the steps to retrive data from a SQL server
database in C# using ADO.NET with an example

26. Explain Directory class in C# write a program to display current directories
of a selected drive.

27. Give the difference between

  • Servlet and JSP
  • J2EE and Dot NET
  • HTTP servlet and generic servlet
  • Java and .Net
  • PostBack and crossBack posting
  • Inline coding and code behind coding in ASP.NET
  • Connected and disconnected manners in ADO.NET
28. Write down simple code to explain the following tag in JSP
  • Directives
  • Declaration
  • Expression
  • Scriplets
29. explain the following concept of C# with example
  • static constructor
  • virtual method
  • properties
30. what is directives? Explain page and include directive in JSP with an

31. Write short notes on
  •  HTTP session
  •  Single thread model
  •  Web services
  •  Web search engine
  • Search engine optimization
  • XSLT
  • SOA
  • XML
  • Static constructor
  • Virtual methods in C#
  • Assemblies
  • Web service architecture
  • Servlet life cycle
  • Request dispatching in JSP
  • Date Time objects in C#
  • Threading models in Servlet
  • Coding models in ASP.Net