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Multimedia Technology Question Bank

  1. Define Multimedia and briefly explain its classifications/components.
  2. Discuss in detail the components of multimedia.
  3. Discuss in detail the elements that are used to design a multimedia project.
  4. Explain the various devices needed for developing a multimedia application.
  5. What are all the communication devices that are involved while developing multimedia project?
  6. What are the input devices that are used to design the multimedia project? Explain any two.
  7. Discuss in detail the applications of multimedia.
  8. What is CBT? Explain the use of multimedia in CBT?
  9. Explain Multimedia Presentation and Conferencing?
  10. Explain the use of Multimedia in Public Place?
  11. Explain the use of Multimedia on Web?
  12. Explain the use of Multimedia in business?
  13. Explain the various stages of developing a multimedia project.
  14. List and define the skills in the multimedia skill set. Describe several ways of categorizing the skills. (Hint: skills related to project management, design, programming).
  15. Explain briefly the image file formats?
  16. Explain in detail Bitmap images and Vector drawing Images?
  17. Differentiate between Vector drawn objects and bitmaps?
  18. If the bitmap graphic is opened or pasted into a vector editor, does it automatically become a vector? Explain in detail.
  19. What is autotracing? Explain the process of converting between bitmaps and drawn images.
  20. Explain in detail various principles of animation?
  21. Explain in detail various animation types / techniques?
  22. Explain briefly the animation file formats.
  23. Explain the importance of Text in Multimedia? Discuss different design factors with text.
  24. Discuss various attributes of Text.
  25. Explain the following:
    1. Kerning
    2. Leading
    3. Tracking
    4. Difference between Sarif and Sans Sarif.
  26. What is Hypermedia? Explain in detail.
  27. What is Hypertext? What is the difference between a normal text and hypertext? Explain in detail.
  28. How is a Multimedia product tested?
  29. Discuss briefly the various video standards.
  30. Discuss briefly where multimedia advanced authoring tools are used.
  31. Explain the Internet basics.
  32. What are the Basic Authoring Tools, which are used to design a multimedia project?
  33. Explain in detail about the audio side of multimedia.