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IEEE Standard Format for Paper Presentation

Many of my friends asked me about standard paper format for IEEE based  presentation. Here we go with format.

IEEE format page layout to A4 which is 210mm (8.27") wide and 297mm (11.69") long. The margins must as below :

Top = 19mm (0.75")
Bottom = 43mm (1.69")
Left = Right = 14.32mm (0.56")
Text font= 10 for text and 12 for headings and 11 for subheadings

  • Paper must be in two column format with a space of 4.22mm (0.17") between columns. All paragraphs must be indented. All paragraphs must be justified, i.e. both left-justified and right-justified. 
  • Document should be in Times New Roman or Times font. Other font types may be used if needed for special purposes. 
  • Title must be in 24 pt Regular font. Author name must be in 11 pt Regular font. Author affiliation must be in 10 pt Italic. Email address must be in 9 pt Courier Regular font. All title and author details must be in single-column format and must be centered.
    Section Headings must be in 10pt font. Every word in a heading must be capitalized except for short minor words. 
  • Figures and tables must be centered in the column. Large figures and tables may span across both columns. Any table or figure that takes up more than 1 column width must be positioned either at the top or at the bottom of the page. All reference items must be in 8 pt font. Please use Regular and Italic styles to distinguish.

IEEE presentation will claer all the doubts of with the detail informatiom. In the presentation there is a full information aboout IEEE, proper guidelines
related to topic, all the necessary points which should be added while presenting or preparing presentation. 

This PDF is helpful to clear and make a perfect IEEE presentation.  


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