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How to unblock Torrent|Websites links OR How to unblock links in India

Disclaimer : I am not a lawyer and this is just my opinion, formed from various online sources. Do not treat this as legal advice and make sure to do your own research before acting on this information.

This guide will show you how to unblock torrent sites in India (Unblock Websites at School, Work, Home or Anywhere)

1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP : As ISP’s have only blocked HTTP web version of websites, you can directly access all torrent websites using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Just replace the Http by HTTPS and enter the url.
Your Old Link –
Your New Link –
That's all.

2. Use TOR browser bundle : Using TOR you can bypass anything anywhere in the world and also it will hide your traces by protecting the privacy.

3.  Proxy websites : There are many proxy websites (anonymizers) which open blocked websites on their servers and present the data to you.
This hides the address of the website you are trying to visit from your internet service provider. Few popular free ones include Anonymouse and KProxy.

4. VPN software : VPN or Virtual Private Network software can be described as a tunnel under the public network that offers more anonymity than proxy websites as it also encrypts the data transferred by the blocked website thus,
offering complete anonymity. Although most VPN software are available as paid software only, HotSpotShield is a popular free alternative.

5. Changing DNS servers : A common way of blocking websites is preventing DNS servers from giving the locations of the blocked website's servers.
In such a scenario, changing your DNS servers to those of OpenDNS or Google DNS will be your best option to get over the block.

Video Tutorial :