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How to fix server DNS address could not be found (this Site can't be reached)

How do I solve the “server DNS address could not be found” error on Windows ?

Why does this error occur ?

Basically by default your internet refers to your internet provider's servers... 
which are what stands between you and the internet. When you enter a website URL, the DNS server translates that into code and brings up the website.. 
however if your internet provider's servers are unreachable/down, then you will get that DNS error. 

You can manually configure your DNS servers. It is free and usually better than your ISP.

Those addresses ( , etc) belong to Google and are generally very reliable DNS servers.

In this tutorial see how to fix server DNS address could not be found and dns_probe_finished_bad_config, site cant be reached. Simple methods to fix this.

1st method :

Go to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center
Now Click On Local Area Connection

Local Area Connection Status window will come now →  select properties.
Now Local Area Connection Properties window will come → Select Internet protocol version 4. →  Properties → OK.

Click on "Use the following DNS server address" and type either of the two DNS given below.
Google Public DNS

Preferred DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :

If none of this works, then try bellow method...

2nd Method :

open command prompt(Run as Administrator) and run these :

Commands for CMD :
  • ipconfig /flushdns 
  • ipconfig /renew 
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • Exit

Hopefully that fixes it, if its still not fixed there is a chance that its a NIC related issue(driver update or h/w).