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Best anti theft app for android

Android Device Manager

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device – and the data inside it – safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you :

● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your devices screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone


Avast Anti-Theft


■ Locate & Track your ‘lost’ phone on a map through our web-based mobile phone tracking feature (uses GPS tracker and other triangulation methods).

■ Control your cell phone remotely via a web-based interface or SMS if the phone is stolen (to do this, go to:

■ Remotely lock and/or wipe the phone memory, to keep your data safe.

■ Remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.

■ Set up a SIM-card-change notification to another device.

■ Stealth Mode automatically hides the app on your phone whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not even aware of its presence.


 Comodo Anti Theft


✔ Control ALL your devices - Manage and view multiple devices through a single web interface

✔ G+ Sign In - Easily register with your Google+ account.

✔ Mobile Map - See the location of your devices on a map

✔ Activity Log - Monitor device activity and see when it was last online

✔Uninstall Protection - Activate "Device Administrator" and make it impossible to uninstall Anti-Theft without the account password

► Remote Protection - Send commands to your missing devices from your account:
• Remote Locate – Reveals your device location on a map
• Remote Lock – Locks your device and shows a customized on-screen message
• Remote Alarm – Sounds an alarm at the highest volume even if your device is in silent mode
• Remote Wipe – Erases all or part of your personal data from the device
• Remote Take a Picture – Lets you see who holds your device

✔Return Device to Owner - Send a customized on-screen message e.g. "I lost this device. Please contact with me at my email@address".

✔Guest Mode - Quickly track your device by logging in to Anti-Theft system from any smartphone or tablet under Guest Login.

► All communications are SSL-encrypted


 NQ Easy Finder: The most effective app for finding missing phones. 


 Systematically analyze and evaluate the probability of finding missing phones.Turning on Smart Finder Protection will increase the probability of finding missing phones.


Automatically locate the phone and take a mug shot when the intruder failed to unlock, and send you a notification email.Automatically locate the phone and take a mug shot when your SIM card is changed, and send you a notification email. Automatically restore the phone’s location and send you a notification email before battery runs out.


If someone inserts a new SIM card on your phone, you will be notified of the new number via an alert message on the reporting number.


> Locate your phone: Locate the lost phone when it connects to Wi-Fi/data/Cell tower.

> Sound an alarm: User can trigger a loud alarm (even in a silent mode), making it easy to find the misplaced phone when you are nearby.

> Send screen messages: User can send a message to the missing phone. Whoever possesses the phone will see it on the screen, even if the phone is locked.

> Lock your phone: Screen Password is too simple? Remotely compose another password to lock the phone remotely.

> Back up contacts: Back up the contacts remotely and then retrieve them online later.

> Track my phone [premium]: Track the missing phone’s route and provide a pattern on the map of where the phone has been in the past 24 hours.

> Wipe my data [premium]: Wipe all data in the lost phone to prevent privacy leakage, including texts, contacts, pictures, videos, logins and more.

Two ways to control: send commands via SMS or accessing the Internet.


Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device.
It's not just a "find my phone" app or a phone tracker, Cerberus has many unique features that make it the perfect app to locate your phone or tablet, identify the thief and get back your device.


Remote control allows you to perform many operations on your lost or stolen device, like:

- Locate and track it

- Lock the device with a code

- Start a loud alarm, even if the device is set to silent mode

- Display a message that stays on the screen, and also make your device speak the message

- Take pictures, screenshots and even record videos, to identify the thief

- Get the location history, to see where the device has been in the past

- Wipe the internal memory and the SD card, to protect your personal data

- Hide Cerberus from the app drawer, so the app will be stealthy and a thief will not see the icon

- Record audio from the microphone

- Get a list of last calls sent and received

- Get information about cell phone network and WiFi network the device is connected to, and nearby WiFi networks

- Start a remote shell (SSH-like), to execute commands as if the device were connected to your computer with a USB cable


Prey Anti Theft

Prey helps you retrieve your lost or stolen phone, tablet and laptop. Prey is 100% FREE and you can protect up to 3 devices with one single account.

- Find your phone on a map through geolocation using both GPS and WiFi triangulation

- Get reports with pictures taken with your device, screenshots and location (the crucial piece of data that police officers need to take action)

- Lock your device down

- Trigger a loud alarm remotely even if your phone is put on silent

- Display a tailored alert message on the screen

- Gather the network information that your device is connected to (for accurate pinpointing)