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Reference Book List

Object Oriented Programming

References :

1. Object Oriented Programming in-C++ By Robert Lafore Techmedia

2. The Complete Reference C ++ - By Herbert Sehlidt Tata Megraw-hill

3. Object Oriented Programming in C++ Saurav Sahay Oxford University Press

4. Object Oriented Programming and C++ R. Rajaram New Age International
Publishers 2nd

5. OOPS C++ Big C++ Cay Horstmann Wiley Publication

6. C++ How to Program, 8/E Paul Deitel & Harvey Deitel


Computer Organization and Architecture

References :

1. Digital Computer Fundamentals, Bartee C. Thomas , McGraw-Hill
International Edition

2. Computer Architecture by Nicholas Carter , Schaum’s outlines, McGraw-

3. Computer Organization by Hamacher C., Zaky S. McGraw Hill

4. Computer Organisation and Architecture: Stallings, W Prentice Hall of India,
New Delhi

5. Computer Architecture, Behrooz Parhami, Oxford University Press

6. Digital Computer Fundamentals, Bartee C. Thomas , McGraw-Hill
International Edition

7. Computer Fundamentals Architecture & Organization B. Ram New Age

8. Computer Organization Tata Mc Graw Hill


Software Engineering

References :

1. Software Engineering- A Practioner’s Approach”, Seventh Edition , Pressman
R.S, Tata McGraw Hill Publication.

2. “ Software Engineering” : PankajJalote.

3. “Software Engineering Concepts”, Richard Fairley,Tata McGraw Hill

4. “Software Engineering – Principles and Practice”, Waman S. Jawadekar, Tata
McGraw Hill Publication.

5. System Analysis and Design- Elias M. Awad

6. System Analysis and Design- in a changing world –John Satzinger, Robert
Jackson, Stephen Burd


Principals and Perspective of Management

References :

1. Principals & Practice of Management : L.M.Prasad

2. Principles of management: P.C. Tripathi and P.N. Reddy 4th edition, TMH

3. Marketing Management , Rama Swamy, Nama Kumari

4. Essential of Management , Koontz O’Donnell

5. HR & Personnel Management , Ashwathappa



Web Technology

References :

1. Textbook of Web Design – Joel Sklar, Cengage Learning

2. HTML: The Complete Reference – Thomas A. Powel

3. Web Technologies – Uttam K. Roy, Oxford

4. Head First PHP and MySQL- Oreilly Publication

5. PHP: The Complete Reference – Steven Holzner

6. PHP and MySQL Web Development (3rd Edition)- Luke Welling, Laura

7. Developing Web Applications, Ralph Moseley, WSEwiley

8. PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, 4/e - Larry Ullman, Pearson


Data Structures

References :

1. Data Structure A Pseudocode Approach with C “Richard F Gilberg
Behrouz A Forouzan

2. Shaum’s Outlines Data Structure Seymour Lipschutz TMH

3. Data Structures & Program Design in C “ Robert Kruse C L Tondo
Bruce Leung Pearson

4. Data Structure using C “ AM Tanenbaum , Y Langsam & MJ Augenstein
Prentice Hall”.

5. An Introduction to Structure with application “ Jean Paul Trembly and
Paul Sorenson”

6. Data Structure and Program Design in C “ RL Kruse, BP Leung & CL
Tondo Prentice Hall

7. Data Structure & Algorithm Analysis in C “ Weiss, Mark Allen Addison


Operating System

References :

1. Operating System Concepts (7th Ed) by Silberschatz and Galvin, Wiley,

2. Operating Systems (5th Ed) – Internals and Design Principles by William
Stallings, Prentice Hall, 2000.

3. Modern Operating Systems by Andrew S Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall India,

4. Operating Systems (3rd edition) by Gary Nutt, Nabendu Chaki, Sarmishtha
Neogy, Pearson

5. Operating Systems Design & Implementation Andrew S. Tanenbam, Albert
S. Woodhull Pearson

6. Operating Systems Achyut S. Godbole Tata Mc Graw Hill

7. Operating Systems D.M.Dhardhere Tata Mc Graw Hill


Computer Networks

References :

1. Kurose, J.F. and Ross K.W., "Computer Networking: A Top-Down
Approach Featuring the Internet", Third Edition, 2005, Addison-Wesley.

2. An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking, S. Keshav,

3. Forouzan B A., "Data Communication and Networking", Third Edition,
2004, McGraw Hill.Andrew Tenenbaum, Computer Networks, PHI

4. TCP/IP Protocol Suite, (B. A. Forouzan), Tata McGraw Hill edition, Third

5. Computer Networks: Principles, Technologies and Protocols for Network
design, (N. Olifer, V. Olifer), Wiley India Edition (1 st Edition).

6. TCP/IP Volume 1, 2, 3, (W. Richard Stevens), Addison Wesley.

7. TCP/IP Volume I and II, (D. E. Comer), Pearson Education.

8. Unix Network Programming (W. R. Stevens), Vol. 1, Pearson Education.

9. High Performance Communication Networks, (J. Walrand, P. Varaiya),
Morgan Kaufmann


Financial Accounting

References :

1. Book Keeping & Accountancy by L.N.Chopde and D.H. Choudhari

2. Financial Management by Kishorilal S. N. Maheshwari, Financial
Accounting,4th edition, Vikas Publication, New Delhi.

3. Dr. IM Pandey, Essentials of Financial Management ,3rd edition, vikas

4. Dr. S.N. Maheshwari, A text book of -Accounting for management , 2nd
editon, Vikas

5. P.C. Tulsian, Financial Accounting, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

6. “Financial Management” Text and Problems : M.Y.Khan, P.K.Jain


Database Management System

References :

1. Korth, Silberchatz, Sudarshan, “Databse system Concepts”, McGraw Hill ,2006

2. RiniChakarabarti and ShilbhadraDasgupta, ,”Advanced Database Management System “,

3. C. J. Date ,”An Introduction to Database Systems”, 8/e,Pearson Education,2002

4. Rob Coronel ,”Database Systems Design, Implementation and Management”, Cengage Publication,2009

5. Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke ,”Database Management Systems”, Third Edition, McGraw Hill,2003

6. Mark Gillenson ,”Fundamental of Database System” ,Wiley Publication,2011
7. Elmasari and Navathe, Benjamin Cummins ,”Fundamental of Database System”, Pearson Education,2009

8. Murach,”Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL” ,SPD,2012

9. P.S Deshpande ,”SQL & Pl\SQL for Oracle 11g Black Book”,Dreamtech,2011

10. Sharnam Shah ,Vaishali Shah ,”Oracle for professionals” ,SPD,2011


Computer Graphics

References :

1. AmrendraSinha, ArunUdai, Computer Graphics –Tata McGraw-Hill Education, Pub Date: AUG-07

2. Rajesh K. Maurya- Computer Graphics -- Wiley India Pvt. Limited, 2011

3. Computer Graphics, 1e,Shirley, Cengage Learning

4. Donald Hearn and M Pauline Baker, Computer Graphics C Version -- Computer Graphics, CVersion, 2/E, Pearson Education

5. Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition), Pearson Education.

6. Roy A. Plastock, Roy A. Plastock- Schaum's Outline of Computer Graphics 2/E

7. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C -- James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K.Feiner, John F. Hughes, Pearson Education.

8. David F. Rogers, James Alan Adams, Mathematical elements for computer graphics , McGraw-Hill,1990

9. Peter Shirley, Stephen Robert Marschner-- Fundamentals of Computer Graphics A K Peters,Limited, 3rd ed. 2009.

10. S. Annadurai, R Shanmugalakshmi-Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, Pearson Education.

11. Anil K. Jain -Fundamentals of digital image processing. Prentice Hall, 1989


Network security

References :

1. AtulKahate, “Cryptography and Network Security”, McGraw Hill

2. Kaufman C., Perlman R., and Speciner, “Network Security”, Private Communication in a
public world, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall PTR.,2002

3. Eric Cole, “Network Security Bible”, Wiley India Edition

4. Network Security & Cryptography, 1e, Bernard Menezes, Cengage Learning

5. Willam Stallings, “Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice”, 3rd ed.,
Prentice Hall PTR.,2003.

6. Stallings, “W.Network security Essentials: Applications and standards”, Prentice Hall, 2000

7. Behrouz A Forouzan, “Cryptography & Network Security” ,McGraw-Hill

8. Cloud security and privacy by Tim Mather kumaraswamyoreilly


Software Project Management

References :

1. Information Technology Project Management : Jack T. Marchewka Wiley Publication

2. Managing Information Technology Projects, 6e, Kathy Schwalbe, Cengage Learning

3. Project Management Core Textbook : Samuel J. Mantel, Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer, MargaretM. Sutton with M. R. Gopalan

4. Quantitive techniques for project management by Rettyvelayudam SPD

5. Information Technology Project Management : Kathy Schwalbe Thomson Publication

6. Software Project Management (SIE): HUGHES McGraw Hill

7. Software Engineering Project Management by Richard Thayer , Edward Yourdon WILEY INDIA


Core & Advanced JAVA

References :

1. The complete reference JAVA2, Herbert schildt. Tata McGraw Hill

2. Core Java for beginners, Sharanam Shah and vaishali shah, SPD

3. Struts 2 for beginners, Sharanam Shah and vaishali shah, SPD

4. Advance Java-Savalia,Core,Java 6 Programming Black Book, Wiley –Dreamtech

5. Java Programming Advanced Topics w/2CDs ,3e, Wigglesworth, Cengage Learning

6. Commercial web development using java 2.0, Ivan Byaross, BPB

7. Struts in Action, Donald Brown, Dreamteach press

8. Java Server Programming java EE6, Black book, Dreamtech press.

9. Core Servlets and Java Server Pages :Vol I: Core Technologies 2/e , Marty Hall and Larry Brown,Pearson

10. Java EE 6 for Server Programming for professionals, Sharnam Shah and vaishali shah, SPD

11. Java 6 Programming, Black Book, Dreamtech Press.

12. Programming with Java A Primer, E.Balaguruswamy Tata McGraw Hill

13. XML Complete Reference, Tata McGraw Hill


System Modeling and Simulation

References :

1. J. Banks, J. S.Carson II and B. L. Nelson,, “Discrete-Event System Simulation”, 2nd Edition,Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 1995.

2. Simulation &Modelling- Jain, Wiley -Dreamtech

3. J. A. Sokolowski, C.M. Banks, “ Principles of Modeling and Simulation: A multidisciplinaryApproach”, John Wiley & Sons Publications, edited 2011.

4. Averill M.Law and W.DavidKelton, “Simulation Modeling & Analysis”, 2nd Edn., Tata
McGraw Hill, 1991.

5. Geoffrey Gardon, “System Simulation”, 2nd Edn.,Printice Hall of India, 1992.

6. NarsinghDeo, ” System Simulation with Digital Computers”, Prentice Hall of India, 1979.


Soft skill development

References :

1. Business Communication – Meenakshi Raman, Prakash Singh, Oxford Publication

2. Business correspondence and report writing, R.C.Sharma& Krishna Mohan, Tata McGraw

3. Soft Skill for managers-Chakravarthi, Wiley –Dreamtech

4. Soft Skills for Everyone w/CD,1e, Butterfield, Cengage Learning

5. Strategies to improve your Business communication by Prof. M S Rao, SPD 

6. Enhancing soft skills by Dipalibiswas

7. Personality Development and Soft Skills - BarunMitra (Oxford University Press)

8. Pareek, Udai, Understanding OrganisationlBehaviour, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

9. Stephen Robbins & Judge Timothy: Organization Behavior, Pearson Education

10. Business Communication (Revised Edition),Rai&Rai , Himalaya Publishing House.

11. Lesiker&Petit : Business Communication. Mcgraw Hill Publications.

12. Modern Business Correspondence, Mc Commas &Satterwhite, Sixth Edition, Mcgraw-
Hill Publication.


Geographic Information Systems

References :

1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems-Kang-tsung Chang, TMH, 4th edition.

2. Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems-C.P.Lo, Albert

3. Learning and Using Geographic Information System-Wilpen L Gorr, KristenS Kurland-
Cengage Learning India Pvt Ltd.



Embedded Systems

References :

1. Embedded System Design – A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction - Frank Vahid, TonyD. Givargis, John Wiley, 2002.

2. Embedded / Real Time Systems – KVKK Prasad, WileyDreamtech Press.

3. Embedded Systems: Architecture, programming and design – Raj Kamal, TMH, 2002.

4. Steve Heath, ‘Embedded System design’, 2nd Ed., Elsevier, 2009.

5. Embedded Microcomputer Systems – Jonathan W. Valvano, Brooks / Cole, Thompson

6. An Embedded Software Primer – David E. Simon, Pearson Ed., 2005.


Service Oriented Architecture

References :

1. Applied SOA by Michael Rosen

2. “Service- Oriented Architecture for Enterprise Applications”, Shankar Kambhampaty, Wiley publication

3. G. SudhaSadasivam “Distributed Component Architecture”, Wiley India edition.



References :

1. Whiteley, D. (2000). E-Commerce, Strategy, Technologies and Applications, London,
McGraw Hill.

2. Creating a winning E-Business by Napier, Judd, Rivers, Wagner Course Technology
Thomson Learning

3. Management Information Systems, W. S. Jawadekar, 3rd Edition, TMH.

4. Management Information Systems, Loudon and Loudon, 10th Edition, Pearson Educations.

5. Electronic Commerce by Gary P. Schneider Course Technology Thomson Learning

6. Management Information System, James O'Brien, 7th edition, TMH.

7. Information Systems the Foundation of E-Business, Steven Alter, 4th Edition, Pearson


Human Computer Interface

References :

1. Wilbert O. Galitz, “The Essential Guide to User Interface Design”, Wiley India Edition

2. Prece, Rogers, “Sharps Interaction Design” , Wiley India.

3. Ben Shneidermann , ”Designing the user interface” . 3rd Edition, Pearson Education

4. SorenLauesen, “User Interface Design” , Pearson Education

5. Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, David Cronin , “Essentials of Interaction Design”, Wiley

6. Alan Dix, Janet Fincay, GreGoryd, Abowd, Russell,Bealg,”HumanComputer Interaction”,
Pearson Education,


Advanced web technology & Dot Net

References :

1. Beginning C# - Wrox Publication

2. Advance .NET Technology second edition by ChiragPatel- DreamTech Press

3. Learning jQuery Third Edition - Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg , SPD Publication

4. Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5- Wrox Publication

5. Internet and Web Technologies, RAJ KAMAL, Tata McGraw Hill

6. .NET programming Black Book

7. Murach’s ASP. Net 4. 0 Web Programming with C# 2010

8. Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework – Andrew Trolsen, APress

9. C# with Visual Studio – Vijay Mukhi , BPB

10. Heard First C# Second Edition , O’Reilly

11. Murach’s ADO. Net 4 Database Programming with C# 2010 4th Edition

12. Web Technologies Black book , DreamTech Press

13. Developing Web Application- Second Editon - Ralph Moseley & M. T. Savaliya, Wiley


Wireless & Mobile Technology

References :

1. Jochen Schiller, “Mobile Communications”, Second Edition, Pearson Education

2. William Stallings, “Wireless Communications and Networks”, Pearson Education

3. Vijay Garg, “Wireless network evolution: 2G to 3G”, Prentice Hall, 2002.

4. MISRA “Wireless Communication and Networks: 3G and Beyond”, McGraw Hill

5. Principles of mobile computing and mobile communications by Melizza Othman CRC

6. 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide , 2nd Edition Matthew Gast, O’Reilly

7. Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Ivan Stojmenovic, Wiley India

8. Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures Yi-Bing Lin, ImrichChlamtac

9. Wireless and Mobile Networks: Concepts and Protocols, Dr. Sunilkumar S. Manvi,


Soft Computing

References :

1. Dr. S. N. Sivanandam and Dr. S. N. Deepa,”Principles of Soft Computing “John Wiley

2. S. Rajsekaran& G.A. VijayalakshmiPai, “Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic and Genetic
Algorithm:Synthesis and Applications” Prentice Hall of India.

3. N.P.Padhy, ”Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems” Oxford University Press.

4. SimanHaykin, ”Neural Netowrks”Prentice Hall of India

5. imothy J. Ross, “Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications” Wiley India.

6. Kumar Satish, “Neural Networks” Tata McGraw Hill


Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing

References :

1. Distributed Computing by Dr. SunitaMahajan , Seema Shah, Oxford University Press

2. Distributed Operating Systems by Tanenbaum S, Pearson Education

3. Distributed OS by Pradeep K. Sinha , PHI

4. Distributed Systems concepts and design by George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim
Kindberg, Addison-Wesley

5. Cloud Computing a Practical Approach by Anthony T. Velte, Robert Elsenpeter, TMH

6. Cloud Computing insights into new-era infrastructure by Dr. Kumar Saurabh, Wiley India

7. Cloud Computing implementation, management and security by John W. Rittinghouse,
James F. Ransome, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis group, 2010.

8. Distributed Computing Architecture by Shivanandan

9. Cloud Application Architecture by George Reese, O’reilly and associates


Cyber Security

References :

1. Nina Godbole, SunitBelapure, Cyber Security: Understanding Cyber Crimes, Computer
Forensics and Legal Perspectives, Wiley India, New Delhi

2. KAHATE ,”Cryptography and Network Security”, TMH

3. Information Systems Security, Nina Godbole, Wiley India, New Delhi

4. Cybersecurity: The Essential Body of Knowledge, Dan Shoemaker, William Arthur
Conklin, Wm Arthur Conklin, Cengage Learning.

5. Cyber Security, Edward Amoroso, Silicon Press, First Edition

6. Cyber Security &Global Information Assurance,Kennetch J. Knapp, Information Science

7. William Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security, Pearson Publication


Multimedia Technology

References :

1. Multimedia Madness, RonWodaski , SAMS pub.

2. Multimedia : Making it works, Tay Vaughan , TMH pub

3. Multimedia Communication –Rao, Wiley -Dreamtech

4. Multimedia System : S.K. Triphathi, S. V. Raghvan

5. Mutimedia System Design, P.K. AndleighKthakar, Prentice hail of India

6. Multimedia System , J.E.K Budford , Addision Wesley


Information Security and Audit

References :

1. Nina Godbole, “Information Systems Security”, Wiley India

2. Eric Cole, “Network Security Bible”, Wiley India Edition

3. C. P. Pfleeger, and S. L. Pfleeger, “Security in Computing”, Pearson Education.

4. Matt Bishop, “Computer Security: Art and Science”, Pearson Education


References :

1. Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills by Cynthia Gibas, Per Jambeck, O'Reilly

2. Introduction to Bioinformatics by T K attwood& D J Parry-Smith, Addison Wesley

3. Bioinformatics A beginners Guide-Machael, Wiley-Dreamtech

4. Biotechnology: a multi-volume comprehensive treatise Volume 5b by Rehm and Reed

5. An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms by Neil C. Jones,Pavel A. Pevzner


Software Quality Assurance

References :

1. Brian Hambling “ Managing Software Quailty”, Tata McGraw Hill

2. Juran. J.M.Franks, M.Gyrna, ”Quality Planning and Analysis(from the product developmentthrough use)”,Tata McGraw Hill

3. Alcon Gillies” Software Quality: Theory and Mangement”, International Thomson,
Computer Press 1997.

4. Software Testing Quality Assurance-Naik –Tripathi, Wiley -Dreamtech

5. Stephan H.Kan, “Metric and Model in Software Quality Engineering”, Addison Wesley,

6. Roger S. Pressman, “Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach”, Fifth Edition
,McGraw Hill, 2001

7. Humphrey Watts,” Managing the Software Process”, Addison Wesley,1986